Lesson 5 Assignment 3

Lesson 5 Assignment 3 - Ashley B Hilliard June 1 2011 MG...

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Unformatted text preview: Ashley B. Hilliard 258-10-0169 June 1, 2011 MG 615 Lesson#5, Assignment 3 Using Internet Tools to Increase Efficiency and Productivity I consider the following as the tools under consideration for Dirt Bikes USA: groupware ( e-mail, IM, chat, electronic conferencing software, wiki ), Usenet, LISTSERV, Telnet, FTP, the World Wide Web, RSS, VoIP, and VPN. Table : Internet tools by department Department Tool Benefit Administration Groupware, WWW, VoIP Collaboration, Cost Savings Sales and Marketing Groupware, WWW, RSS, VoIP, VPN Collaboration, Cost Savings, Remote Access to Accounts Production Groupware, WWW, VoIP, VPN Collaboration, Cost Savings, Remote Access to Accounts The entire company would likely benefit from VoIP and some aspect of groupware. Obviously everybody uses e-mail. Electronic conferencing could save time and money for various departments possibly including interdepartmental use. IM or chat could be useful to the sales force, allowing them to stay in touch with each other interdepartmental use....
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