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Ashley B. Hilliard 258-10-0169 June 1, 2011 MG 615 Lesson#7, Assignment 3 Discussion Board Choose ONE of the following topics to address in a brief essay of 150-200 words: Chapter 10: If businesses used DSS, GDSS, and ESS more widely, would they make better decisions? Do you agree? Why or why not? Describe various ways that knowledge management systems could help firms with sales and marketing or with manufacturing and production. Competitiveness increasingly depends on the quality of decision making. So naturally, companies often rely on their own history and their past transactions and activities to make future decisions. When businesses make decisions, it is usually helpful to use a decision-support system and firm- wide data. These systems can automate certain decision procedures, and they can offer information about different aspects of the decision situation. They can also help managers question existing decision procedures. It can be useful to explore the outcomes of
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