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macro/ hw 1 First Name  Anna  Last Name  Mbamalu Instructions: Print your answers clearly in the spaces provided. If I can’t read what you write, I can’t grade it. Hand in a graph sheet stapled to this answer sheet. Use Pencil only. Neatness and correct labeling count! Below is a production possibilities table for capital goods (jackhammers) and consumer goods (refrigerators): Products Production possibilities (alternatives) A B C D E F Refrigerators 100 95 85 70 50 0 Jackhammers 0 100 180 240 280 300 a. Graph the data from the production possibilities table using the graph paper template available at the class web page. Plot each data point and then connect them, making a nice, clean, and smooth line (curved). Put jackhammers on the vertical axis and refrigerators on the horizontal axis. Remember to use a PENCIL and a straightedge when making your axes. Be sure to label your graph and make it big .
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