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Anna Mbamalu English 1302 Professor Kinkead 8/8/10 Toulmin Essay Religulous is a 2008 comedy/documentary film written by and starring political comedian Bill Maher, the onetime host of "Politically Incorrect" and current host of HBO's "Real Time". The film is directed by Larry Charles. The documentary examines and ridicules organized religion and religious beliefs. The title of the film combines the words "religion" and "ridiculous". “Unfortunately before man figured out how to be rational or peaceful, he figured out how to make nuclear weapons”. Maher’s documentary is so powerful and scary because he points out that this clearly is not the case. Incredibly smart and capable people in all other walks of life believe they are drinking the blood of a 2000 year old being on Sunday and Maher has to set out to try to find how this is possible. The first thing noticed from the movie is how many people get deeply offended when Maher examines their faith. He asks them simple questions about all the contradictions in their beliefs and many can’t handle it. I personally have been told many times that I offend people by simply asking why they believe what they do and they respond that you should not question someone’s faith. Maher asks the plain and simple question: Why in our society is faith considered a good thing? Faith is defined to mean believing something with no
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proper cause. This opens the door to all sorts of evil, much of which people have seen
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toulmin essay - Anna Mbamalu English 1302 Professor Kinkead...

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