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rogerian essay - a foundation in reality Therefore beauty...

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"Beauty is that which gives one a sense of pleasure, but everyone finds pleasure in different things. Therefore beauty is subjective. Yet some groups of people try to make others believe that their own personal definition of beauty is or should be a universal truth. Supermodels, clothing brands, celebrities, fashion critics and beauty brands have all been part of it. Once in a while something, like Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty, pops up trying to redefine stereotypical beauty only by establishing a new one." Neither beauty nor ugliness can exist without an intelligent consciousness to behold it. It is merely essential that the beautiful or ugly object be sensuous. The same is true of every existing thing whatsoever. The color red is an idea of the human mind, plurality is an idea of the human mind, and existence itself is an idea of the human mind. Yet all of these things, like beauty, have
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Unformatted text preview: a foundation in reality. Therefore, beauty is merely a standard of measurement, one which exists along a man-made continuum stretching between the desirable and the exalted and the repulsive and base. I disagree. Beauty contains the Notion before it has been converted into objectivity and plurality. It is infinite, free and self-determined, and logically must exclude whatever is in pure externality and contingency, whatever that cannot be shown as issuing out of and determined by its innermost unity; for these do not show the immediacy, which has to appear in manifestation. As a result, one need merely subtract the conscious perception of beauty from the equation, and then the very concept of beauty itself ceases to exist. Consciousness is an attribute of all perceived objects, and exists independently of the human mind....
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