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Mid-term definitions - Art M id-term Definitions A human...

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Unformatted text preview: Art M id-term Definitions A human skull at the base of the Cross: The salvation for man's sins. (disguised symbolism) alla prima Painting technique done quickly, wet into wet. analogous colors Colors (or hues) that lie next to one another on the color wheel and share qualities of hue as a result of the mixing of adjacent hues. arch A curved or pointed structure consisting of wedged-shaped blocks that span an open space and support the weight of material above by transferring the load outward and downward over two vertical supports, or piers. assemblage A work of art that consists of three dimensional objects assembled to create an image. Artists often manipulate preexisting objects in various ways and incorporate them with other media, such as painting or printmaking. buttress To support or prop up construction with a projecting structure, usually built of brick or stone. cartoon A preparatory drawing used for a larger work. chiaroscuro An artistic technique in which subtle gradation of value create the illusion of rounded three-dimensional forms in space color wheel A circular arrangement(chart) of hues or colors showing how they relate composition The organization of the visual elements in a work of art. content All that is contained in a work of art such as the meaning, themes and elements....
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Mid-term definitions - Art M id-term Definitions A human...

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