Essays for Eng101 - Essay 1 Prewriting Topic Event at...

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Essay 1- Prewriting Topic: Event at school that was interesting Idea: 1 st cheerleading tryout Discovery Drafting: I could hear my heart beating loudly in my ears, my palms sweaty, as I wait for my turn to walk through the gym doors. “I can do this” I thought to myself, “I have practiced a million times.” In middle school being a cheerleader was a big deal, I had to make the squad. My love for cheerleading began as a little girl. I loved going to football games. I remember my very first football game, I was only in elementary school, but me and my best friend, Kayla, and her mom went on a Thursday evening to a middle school game. It was loud and there were so many people. There were middle school couples walking around holding hands. The ones really into the game sat at the stadium. There was hardly anywhere to sit. We first went to the concession stand that smelled of popcorn, and got some nachos and a drink. We (happened to) find a seat right in front of the cheerleaders. They had their hair pulled back with pretty school colored ribbons, blue and grey. There tennis shoes were as white as there smiles and there uniforms, a short skirt and a top to match it, the same colors as their ribbons. I knew I’d one day be there on the sidelines cheering for my school.
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Essays for Eng101 - Essay 1 Prewriting Topic Event at...

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