Essay 2-Evalution Final Draft

Essay 2-Evalution Final Draft - Kala Carroll February 14,...

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Kala Carroll February 14, 2011 Essay 2- Evaluation The Joneses: A Perfect Family? America is a consumer obsessed society. In most movies we have seen products placed randomly throughout, anything from a certain brand of beverage to Ferraris. Although in this movie, product placement is the entire plotline. A good example of your typical sales pitch is best described by Nemiroff,” We know the guy from Sony is going to say his camera is best and so is the guy from Canon. But if the brand is removed from the equation entirely, we get the ultimate sales team: a seemingly average family, The Joneses . This film may first give the impression that the whole concept is a little farfetched, but I believe the director and producer, Derrick Borte, implements the plot in a realistic way. It provides its’ viewers with an insight on how materialistic we can be and entertains us while doing so. The Joneses will accomplish this task of selling their goods, but will face obstacles and find out there is more to life than high tech toys, big houses, expensive cars, and learn a lesson that’s worth more than any material item, something we can all relate to. When the Joneses move into the most pristine suburban neighborhood in town,
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Essay 2-Evalution Final Draft - Kala Carroll February 14,...

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