Essay 3- Argumentative Final Draft

Essay 3- Argumentative Final Draft - Kala Carroll March 7...

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Kala Carroll March 7, 2011 Essay 3- Argumentative The Internet: A Student’s Guide to Survival As a freshman in college, I have come to the realization, as I’m sure many college students have; the internet is the basis to all that’s necessary. I got into school by filing my financial aid online. I even discovered exactly what I was interested in through research and self assessment tests, all found on the miraculous and ever growing World Wide Web. I’ve discovered WebCT to be a life line in college. As Dr. Julie K. Little, director of professional development for EDUCASE, states, “I think technology supports a learning style and a way of learning that can lead students to success” (Cooper). We now have distant learning and ways to find jobs after graduating, all through online sources. In all reality, students these days wouldn’t survive college without the internet. As I have found with WebCT, I am able to check my grades, keep up with assignments and their due dates, and communicate with my teachers and peers. The growth of courses online has broadened learning opportunities and enabled colleges to make more efficient classroom space (Cooper). This I found to be true, for example, I
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Essay 3- Argumentative Final Draft - Kala Carroll March 7...

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