ch 14 Reviewing the Basics

A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC

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Unformatted text preview: Ch.14 Reviewing the Basics 1. Ctrl + Alt + Del; right click a blank spot on the taskbar, and then select Task Manage; Ctrl +Shift + Esc; enter taskmgr.exe in the Vista start search box. 2. Use the task manager to go to applications, find the one not responding, and click end task 3. End the process 4. Users tab in Task Manger 5. Msconfig.exe 6. Software Explorer 7. Services Console 8. Manual; msconfig tool 9. Device Manager, Disk Manger, and Task Scheduler 10. .msc 11. mmc.exe (eventvwr.msc) 12. security log 13. system log 14. perfmon.msc 15. C:\Users\username\Ntuser.dat 16. The NTUSER .dat file is actually one of your Registry files. Unlike the other Registry files, NTUSER.DAT is stored in your personal Documents and Settings folder and contains the entire contents of the HKEY_LOCAL_USER branch of the Registry. You can’t delete it because it’s in use and protected, and you wouldn’t want to because otherwise you’ll mess up your whole computer. I t will grow as you install more software that creates keys and sub computer....
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ch 14 Reviewing the Basics - Ch.14 Reviewing the Basics 1...

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