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ch 14 Thinking Critically

A+ Guide to Managing & Maintaining Your PC

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Thinking Critically 1. b 2 .eventvwr.msc; Microsoft Management Console (MMC); because the MMC manages other things the Event Viewer is mainly a tool useful for troubleshooting problems with Windows. applications, and hardware. 3. d 4 . a. "acrotray.exe" is the Adobe Acrobat Distiller helper application. It is used as part of the full Adobe Acrobat product to convert documents into PDF files. b. "ieuser.exe" is a Internet Explorer from Microsoft Corporation belonging to Microsoft Windows Operating System . ieuser.exe is launched before starting Internet Explorer and sets the security settings of the medium level. 5. a. A program or shortcut is listed as a startup program in either your startup folder, your run registry key, or the system-wide startup folder or run key, It will run at startup when you log on to your user account. Although, the UAC will always be prompted and that is inconvienient. b. The Task Manager is best used for viewing services and other runnign programs, CPU and memory performance, network activity, and user activity. It is useful to stop a process
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ch 14 Thinking Critically - Thinking C ritically 1 b...

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