mkt - 1. SWOT Analysis Strength excellent balance of...

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1. SWOT Analysis Strength “excellent balance of prestige and performance”; “unique customer loyalty”; “unique psychographic served”; “introduction of several new series”; “reorganization of its dealer network”; “first-mover advantage of BMW films” Weakness “niche products”; “limited marketing budget”; “small market share”; “outdated image as a ‘yuppie car’ manufacturer” Opportunity “additional short films featuring more products”; “lower end market segment”; “female market segment”; “performance edition of all lines” Threat “external threats from competitors”; “economic downturn decreases sales in automotive industry” The success of “BMW films” has changed the marketing “from a push to pull strategy”. This is a great start. If BMW continues to integrate marketing campaign with Internet and develop more film series, it is predictable that such marketing strategy would become a “classic forever”. I would analyze the BMW films more specifically later. The brand appears to be very healthy at this stage and also has plenty of opportunities to improve. 2. As stated in the case, BMW’s marketing strategy has been intimidated by its competitors all the time. With much more marketing budgets, those competitors are likely to make greater success. In order to win the competition, BMW needs to focus on developing a unique, “non- traditional” marketing approach. In addition, research has shown that BMW was “top among car brands in terms of frequency of
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mkt - 1. SWOT Analysis Strength excellent balance of...

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