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Ch.8 terms - a Edema 4 Narrowing of the carotid arteries in...

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Ch.8 terms 1. Abnormal internal or external discharge of blood a. Hemorrhage 2. Plastic surgery to repair vessels a. Angioplasty 3. Acute infectious disease affects the lymphoid tissues causing enlarged tender lymph nodes and spleen a. Mononucleosis 4. Widening or ballooning of a blood vessel a. Aneurysm 5. Obstruction of blood vessels by a clot or any foreign substance a. Embolism 6. Characterized by fever, joint pain, abdominal pain which can give rise to heart murmurs and skin lesions (two words) a. Rheumatic Fever 7. Process of viewing death a. Necropsy 8. Double membranous fibrous sac that encloses the heart and is the origin of the body's great blood vessels a. Pericardium 9. Blood poisoning a. Septicemia 10. Refers to inflammation within the heart a. Endocarditis 1. Form of hemorrhages under the skin that is usually irregular and large a. Ecchymosis
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2. Reduction of circulating red blood cells per cm of blood, lack of hemoglobin to meet the oxygen demands of the body or lack of blood volume a. Anemia 3. Local or generalized swelling
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Unformatted text preview: a. Edema 4. Narrowing of the carotid arteries in the neck that can lead to a stroke (two words) a. Carotid Stenosis 5. Hardening of the arteries a. Atheriosclerosis 6. Middle, muscular layer of the heart a. Myocardium 7. Coagulated or clotted material in the vascular system a. Thrombus 8. Low blood pressure a. Hypotension 9. The swelling of yellowish fatty plaques a. Atheroma 10. To hold back blood a. Ischemia 1. Narrowing of the valve causes the flaps or cusps to stick together because of adhesion that causes heart failure and fluids to gather in lungs (two words) a. Mitral Stenosis 2. Hereditary, chronic, hemolytic anemia that is most often seen in black populations (three words) a. Sickle Cell Anemia 3. Serous lining membrane on the inner surface of the heart and its cavities a. Endocardium 4. Thickening of heart muscle, which obstructs the heart's normal ability to pump blood a. Cardiomyopathy...
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Ch.8 terms - a Edema 4 Narrowing of the carotid arteries in...

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