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Ch.10 Terms - Excess hair growth on the body a Hirsutism 2...

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Ch.10 Terms 1. Small secretory sacs or cavities that are inflamed and resembles acne (two words) a. Acniform folliculitis 2. Invasive and fast moving cancer growths and neoplastic tissue that look similar to tissue that expands out like crab legs growing a. Carcinoma 3. Lip and mouth blisters, scales and fissures a. Cheilosis 4. Pruritic skin eruption with sever itchy pale wheals (also known as hives or nettles) a. Urticaria 5. Red or purple depression stretch marks in the skin often seen in pregnant women (two words) a. Striae gravidarum 6. Benign epithelial neoplasms that are characterized by lobular and/or small branching tumors a. Papillomatosis 7. Nail fungus infection that appears white or glowing white a. Onychomycosis 8. Acute skin disease characterized by boils a. Furunculosis 9. Inflammation of the skin caused by exposure to radiation a. Actinodermatitis 10. Fungus infection that affects primarily the respiratory system a. Aspergillosis 1.
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Unformatted text preview: Excess hair growth on the body a. Hirsutism 2. Sweating disorder that leaves vesicle eruptions on the skin of the hands and feet that cause intense itching a. Dyshidrosis 3. Head lice that causes itching and scratching (two words) a. pediculosis capitus 4. Condition of fish-like skin that is dry, hyperkeratotic and scaly a. Ichthyosis 5. Inflamed lips a. Cheilosis 6. Soft tissue malignant neoplasms a. Sarcoma 7. Congenital non-pathological partial or complete absence of pigment of the skin a. Albinism 8. Form of dermatitis with pink or dull red lesions and silvery scaling a. Psoriasis 9. Skin tumor characterized by a collection of numerous pigments, mostly brown or black a. Melanoma, malignant melanoma 10. Removal of scars with revolving wire brush or sandpaper a. Dermabrasion 1. Rash caused by exposure to certain plants and then to sunlight a. Phytophotodermatitis...
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Ch.10 Terms - Excess hair growth on the body a Hirsutism 2...

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