Ch.14 Questions - calcium levels and ensure normal...

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Ch.14 Questions 1. The bulging of eyes because of excess thyroxine irritating the eye muscles and causing them to contract and push the eyes outward: Exophthalmic 2. Malignant cancer that has spread to the chest and lungs: Thymocarcinoma 3. A disease that may be caused by the lack of iodine in diet, inflammation, from and infection, tumors and in which the thyroid glands become enlarged is: Goiter 4. Triangular glands on top of the kidneys that controls salt and water balance in the body and help to prepare the body for emergencies (two words): Adrenal Glands 5. Less hormone/near/shield: Hypoparathyroidism 6. Imperfect development and hyperthyroid function causing exophthalmia and a goiter (also known as Graves' Disease): Hyperthyroidism 7. These glands secretes parathyroid hormones that help maintain blood
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Unformatted text preview: calcium levels and ensure normal neuro/muscular irritability, blood clotting and cell membrane permeability (two words): Parathyroid Glands 8. A gland that controls bone growth and regulates activity in the other endocrine glands (two words): Pituitary gland 9. A gland that is located behind the sternum, cranial and anterior of the heart is the (two words): Thymus Gland 10. Also known as, Addison's or Kennedy's disease, this is a disease resulting from decreased secretion or effect of adrenal cortical hormones: Hypoadrenocorticism 11. A gland of internal secretion in the neck that controls the rate of fuel usage in the body (two words): Thyroid Gland 12. A condition of the deficiency in secretion of the thyroid resulting in lowered basal metabolic rate: Hypothyroidism...
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Ch.14 Questions - calcium levels and ensure normal...

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