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C combinat a carbo Mechan from one C=O of Figure 1 A anhydrid 23 for a In this e synthesi ketones T identical ketone. molecule reaction desired importan Carbonyl con tion of nucle onyl group istically, th e of the carb the second . All kinds of des, and nit more detai xperiment, is of α, β− h . The ALDOL l molecules In this rea e and the product, a α, β− unsat nt organic c CHM Mi ndensation r eophilic addi can be u e reaction bonyl group d carbonyl g f carbonyl triles, unde iled discuss you will inv ydroxyalde L CONDEN s of an ald action, a ca carbonyl c a α, β− hydr turated alde compounds Aldol Universi Departm M 2211L - ixed Ald reactions ta ition and a - used as a proceeds v ps. This an group (the compound rgo conden sion. vestigate th ehydes and NSATION i dehyde or arbon-carb carbon of th oxyaldehyd ehyde or k s. Condensation: ity of Wes ment of Ch Organic C dol Cond ke place be substitution a source o via formatio nion is the n electrophile ds, includin nsation reac he aldol con ketones as s the acid- ketone to on bond is he second. de or and k ketone. Th Page 1 st Florida hemistry Chemistry densatio etween two n steps. T of both nu on of an e nucleophile e ). The ge ng aldehyd ctions. Se ndensation s well as α, or base-c give the α s formed b Dehydrat ketone, is e his is a ver y Lab ons carbonyl g he reaction
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aldol - University of West Florida Department of Chemistry...

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