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assignmetnt 11-2-1 - Quantitative Literacy General...

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Quantitative Literacy General Education Outcome Assessment - Due by 6/30 Instructions: 1. Decor Paints pays regular hourly rates for the first 40 hours worked and time and a half thereafter. The weekly payroll record shown below gives the total hours worked and hourly rates for the three employees. Fill in the remaining information including totals. Payroll Record DECOR PAINTS Weekly Payroll Week Ending April 8, 20___ <line id="_x0000_s1027" style="z-index: 251661312; position: absolute;" strokeweight=".5pt" to="463.05pt,13.9pt" from="4.05pt,13.9pt"> </line> Table of Earnings (Click Here) Social Security and Medicare The required deduction for Social Security is 6.2% OASDI (Old Age Survivors and Disability Insurance) of wages earned, to a maximum of $97,500 and 1.45% HI (Hospital Insurance, commonly known as “Medicare”) for all earnings. 2. Refer to the Social Security and Medicare information. Sonia Evans earns a monthly salary of $2,800. Compute the amount deducted each month for Social Security and
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assignmetnt 11-2-1 - Quantitative Literacy General...

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