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MGMT_5211_LSN_2_Assignment_110515 - PAPER TOPICS 1 Your...

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MGMT 5211 LESSON 1 Lesson 2 not Lesson 1 INSTRUCTIONS Below are the topics for your papers this week. The instructions for the papers this week are slightly different. The first topics are three parts to it. You response to each part should be no more than one-page. In other words, your response to the first paper topics should be 3 pages.) Please keep your second paper to no more than one page. Same as last week for the instructions for the “Extra Points” topics. Note that I included “extra point” topics. I’m looking for definitions or a couple lines tying them into the material your read or the paper topics.
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Unformatted text preview: PAPER TOPICS 1. Your office is planning issuing a solicitation for a lawn maintenance contract. Prepare three types of specifications (see below) that could be used in the solicitation. (a) Design specification, (b) Performance specification, and (c) Functional specification 2. Using the above lawn maintenance contract, compare and contract fixed-price contracts and cost-type contracts. EXTRA POINTS Required Sources Full and Open Competition Options Exemptions from Full and Open Competition Required Sources Non-developmental Items Commercial Contracting Micro-Purchasing Sealed Bid...
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