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Lesson 3 Paper Topic 1 Competitive negotiation Competitive negotiation is tendering method which is a request for proposals sent to contractors. The RFP details the, specifications, terms, scope and conditions of the proposed contract. It is criteria for evaluating the bids. The process concludes with the award of contract to the bidder who offers most advantageous price, quality, and service combination. The key procedure steps in the competitive negotiation procedure are preparation of the request for proposals, Issuance and public notice of the RFP and Negotiation and award. Steps are mention in details which are as below: Preparation of the request for proposals: RFP is states in general terms that which include procured, factors which will be used in evaluating any proposal, and contains or incorporates by reference other applicable contractual terms and conditions. RFP should be in writing. Issuance and public notice of the RFP: RFP is given at least before ten days to the date set for the receipt of the proposals by posting the notice in a public area or publishing the notice in a newspaper. The purchasing agent solicits proposals directly using the County’s offeror list. Negotiation and award: The agent negotiates with vendors who are determined to be qualified, responsible and suitable. Sealed bid Sealed bid is a document which enclosed in a glued envelope and submitted in response to invitation-to-bid. An Invitation For Bid is the method used for the sealed bid process. Sealed bids received up to the deadline date are generally opened at a stated time and place and evaluated for
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lesson 3 answer - Lesson 3 Paper Topic 1 Competitive...

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