LESSON_3 - The focus of your paper should be answering the...

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MGT 5211 Lesson 3 Paper Topic 1 Chapter 5 and 6 discuss sealed bidding and competitive negotiations. As your textbook states, sealed bidding is infrequently used today. But, it’s still important to understand . Compare and contract sealed bidding and competitive negotiation. (No more than 2 pages) Paper Topic 2 Chapter 7 is about the forums and remedies for protests of the exclusion from a competition, from the award of a contract, or the challenge of an alleged solicitation irregularity. There are three forums available to protestors: the procuring agency, GAO, and the Court of Federal Claims. Discuss these three forums in the context of who can bring a protest or complaint, the procedures to be used for each of them, deadlines, and remedies. (No more than 2 pages) Hint:
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Unformatted text preview: The focus of your paper should be answering the question in the allotted pages. There is a lot of material in each chapter. That means you need to sift through the very detailed information in each chapter in order to determine whats necessary for your paper. Extra Points IFB RFP Responsible (give an example) Responsive (give an example) Unbalanced bid (give an example) Two-Step Sealed Bidding Full and Open Competition Competitive Range Interested party Protest Best Value Discussion Hint: When preparing answers to the above Extra Point topics, ensure you answer the big so what does this have to do with procurement question. That means you probably need to write more than just a sentence. MGT 5211/Summer 2011 Page 1 MGT 5211/Summer 2011 Page 2...
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LESSON_3 - The focus of your paper should be answering the...

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