LESSON_4 - Lesson 4 This lesson focuses on the...

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This lesson focuses on the socioeconomic programs that are required for government contracting. I’m focusing on Small Business Preferences such as SBA, small and disadvantage business, and HUBZone small business, labor standards (Walsh-Healy Act and the Service Contract Act), and the Buy American Act. Sometimes it’s easy to forget this course is “FAR-Based” since we’re using the textbook instead of the FAR. While I haven’t specifically assigned a lot of reading in the FAR, it’s a good habit to start to checkout (scanning) the section of the FAR that the lesson is really about. This week I’m going to have you include a reference FAR in your papers. Topic 1 Discuss Small Business, Small Disadvantage Business, the 8(a) program, and HUBZone programs. In your discussion include what part of the FAR covers these programs, the purpose of each program, as well as what preference(s) are accorded contractors under these programs. Also discuss the Walsh-Healey Act and the Services Contract Act. Make sure you also include a reference to the relevant part of the FAR. Extra Points
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LESSON_4 - Lesson 4 This lesson focuses on the...

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