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April 7th 2008

April 7th 2008 - April 7th 2008 First Gulf War in 1990 US...

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April 7 th 2008 First Gulf War in 1990 US military spending- why has US military spending increased since the Cold War? First Gulf War: Why things happened in the way they did? Why did Saddam Hussein decided to invade Kuwait in 1990- the Iran Iraq war ended in 1988, and Iraq had fought for 8 years. During these 8 years Saudi Arabia and Kuwait had helped finance this war against Iran; SA and K were both against the Iranian revolution. Iraq at the end of the war approached Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and told them that these loans shouldn’t be considered as loans; they didn’t want to pay back the debts. Another dispute with Kuwait was over the oil field and the price of oil; Iraq having ended the war needed a higher price for oil because Saddam Hussein needed more money – any dictatorship needs to fund the bureaucracy. Kuwait was over producing; Iraq accused Kuwait for overproducing and breaking the OPEC levels of production. Another major question that is even more uncertain is why the United States not to signal to Iraq before Iraq invaded that the US would respond militarily?
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