February 4th 2008 - February 4th 2008 At the end of WWI...

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February 4 th 2008 At the end of WWI (fits into the narrative of the US government policy) the Soviet Union and the US agreed to take the surrender of Japan in different zones in Korea- they divide Korea by the 38 th parallel. This was just meant to b for the surrender of the Japanese, but both sides set up governments in these zones – US government in South Korea, Soviet in the North. This situation was stalemated up until 1950 when the Communists in the north (there were communists in the south as well) decided to invade in 1950 and they marched all the way to the south of South Korea- the US counter attacked and moved the groups back to the north, and ultimately in 1953 the US was able to push them back and draw the border pretty much where it was in 1950. Civil war- conflict between left and right (communists and capitalists).2 million Koreans die (a lot of civilians were caught up in this war). Korean war ends in 1953- a new administration comes in (The Eisenhower regime). He governs for 2 terms – until 1960. During the Eisenhower administration, a lot of US backed coups occurred in the world. The US under the Truman doctrine stated that it would support any non-communists in their struggle with communists. Eisenhower comes in, and states that this is not enough. The communists Eisenhower believed were really out to get the American’s, and were out to invade the world and the Americans needed to fight back. It continued the policy of anit-communism but intensified it even further. They went after a lot of countries even if the communist parties were quite small. Eisenhower believed that being neutral in the cold war is as bad as being pro-communists. The US spent the 1950’s and 1960’s considering who was communist and who wasn’t and who was worth supporting and not. Not only that, but the US was using its power to intervene for companies when they were
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February 4th 2008 - February 4th 2008 At the end of WWI...

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