February 6th 2008 - February 6th 2008 UK Response to...

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February 6 th 2008 UK Response to nationalization 1. Negotiate a compromise formula. Failed. 2. Appeal to international bodies, the UN and the International Court of Justice. Failed. 3. Global boycott of Iranian oil. Suffering in Iran, but no change in Iran government policy. 4. Threaten military action. Sill no change in Iran’s policy. 5. Provoke split between political parties backing Mossadegh. Failed. 6. Demand Shah dismiss Mossadegh, but the Shah refused, fearful of Mossadegh popularity. [Mossadegh expelled all UK embassy staff in October 1952]. This shows the Shah’s restriction of power- democratic parliament. By then, there is no one in Iran to “intrigue” against Mossadegh, which results in the UK approaching the US for help. UK gets the US to back the coup plan The expelled UK spies urged CIA to overthrow Mossadegh. They claim that if the US does not help overthrowing Mossadegh, the Iranian nationalization of Oil Company will be a precedent to much such nationalization in the Middle East. CIA and State Department officials working on Iran did not want to overthrow Mossadegh. Key figure insisting on overthrow was John Foster Dulles, Secretary of State (January 1953- April 1959). Dulles committed to “fighting communism and protecting the rights of multinational corporations”, the two were “interrelated” in his mind (Kinzer, p. 122). Anyone who was against MNC’s, had to be a communist without declaring themselves as communists in Dulles’s opinion. CIA implemented Dulles policy on Iran; very easy to do as his younger brother, Allan
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February 6th 2008 - February 6th 2008 UK Response to...

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