February 13th 2008 - February 13th 2008 Economic...

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February 13 th 2008 Economic development in the Third World after WWII. How economic development of 3 rd world countries was influenced by US policies post WWII. This is to suggest that the US was vital in shaping the kind of development that was possible in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Indonesia- largest country in Southeast Asia, biggest prize of Southeast Asia- Richard Nixon. Oil, Rubber, Tin, Gold – Indonesia was the richest in resources (the main domino of Southeast Asia). Africa and the Congo: The Congo becomes independent in 1960- the Belgian government allows the Congo to become independent. There are 15 other states in Africa that won independence in 1960. The UN declared 1960 the year of Africa. It also passed a resolution on self determination (all people have the right to self determination). The US plays a different role in the Congo, but also the formal colonial power Belgium sabotages the independence of the Congo. When the Belgian government allowed the Congo to become independent, it wasn’t the idea to let the natives control the mines-copper, uranium and cobalt. Belgium exploited the natural resources of the Congo and provided little for the people there (for about 80 years). One company, United Mines, had a concession area of 34,000 square KM in Katanga
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February 13th 2008 - February 13th 2008 Economic...

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