February 27th 2008

February 27th 2008 - February 27th 2008 I Growing up in...

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February 27 th 2008 I. Growing up in Turmoil II. Catalysts III. Epilogue NATO- 1949 Warsaw Pact – 1955 “Balance of Terror” Sino-Soviet Split 1962 J.K Galbraith Michael Harrington Aleksandra Solzhenitsyn Herbert Marcuse Chicago Prague Wuhan Paris W. Berlin Berkeley Washington Riots with the police, social unrest in general. Common theme- work of hippies, malcontents, people who did not want to get jobs after college or did not going to Vietnam. Vietnam was certainly a catalyst, but it was actually part of a broad challenge to received political orthodoxies of the day. Shift in demographics on both sides of the iron curtain that were going to reflect flaws in the system and demand for changes. IN the 1950’s and the 1960’s Cold war divisions were meant to be temporary, however it proved that they were not going to be that way (i.e. Germany). Nuclear weapons (nuclear stalemate) – made military war terrifying as a result of both powers owning nuclear weapons – brink of nuclear weapon. Warsaw pact – counterpart of NATO. Possessing nuclear weapons does not enhance your ability to project your will, rather the possession o nuclear weapons restricts your ability to act. The logic of stalemate: the both sides reaching equity did not mean that they could rest, but they now began spending a lot on the military so that no one could achieve strategic power. I.
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February 27th 2008 - February 27th 2008 I Growing up in...

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