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January 7th 2008

January 7th 2008 - January 7th 2008 Anti-Semitism has a...

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January 7 th 2008 - Anti-Semitism has a great history in Germany, daring back to the time of Luther - 1919: communists seize power in Munich and introduced a communist rule, a number of people were killed, but eventually communists were overcome and murdered; many of the communists were Jewish and had recently arrived in the country - Nazi Anti-Semitism based on the belief that the Jews wanted to control the world (through banks, stock markets and through communism, such as the Comintern) - Hitler does not explore anti-Semitism in any of his political campaigns in 1929, 1932. He was intelligent enough to know that the anti-Semitic card could not take him that far. - The Nazi’s come to the power- one of the first thing they organize is the boycott of Jewish shops (Jewish commerce suffers a great deal) – the storm troopers prevent people from going into stores. - 1935- First of the Nuremberg Laws are introduced in Germany (Proclaimed in Nuremberg, the city of Nazi Rally’s); it deprived Jews from being German
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