January 21st 2008

January 21st 2008 - January 21st 2008 Communism in postwar...

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January 21 st 2008 Communism in postwar Europe Western Europe Communist parties in Western Europe became fairly powerful during World War II due to the circumstances of the war. They had a principle stand against fascism. During the war, communists played leading roles in the resistance forces in most Nazi occupied European countries (such as France, Italy and the Netherlands) Communist parties were accustomed to underground illegal operations (they were accustomed to fighting the government, fighting in cases of state oppression). They were able to organize themselves in the condition of the Nazi occupation. Sp because they are playing a heroic role, they gained a lot of public support. Communist party members were often extremely dedicated to the cause and willing to sacrifice their lives (fighting in the interest of world revolution, humanity fascism symbolized the last gasp of a capitalist present and the road to the social future). The USSR was part of the grand alliance against the Nazis (With Britain and the United States). The communist party line in every country was a united front of all patriotic forces against the fascists. This also meant to unite with anti- communist groups that were anti-fascist as well. World Wide phenomena of communism becoming popular (China, Vietnam); the misery, the starvation, the existence of brutal governments with no opposition is the exact environment that communists needed to thrive. In Italy the communists had fought an armed struggle against the fascists and had about 100,000 in their militia. In Greece, the communists had a guerilla force of about 150,000 people, fighting the Italian and German armies. After the war, communists in Western Europe did well in the elections.
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January 21st 2008 - January 21st 2008 Communism in postwar...

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