January 28th 2008

January 28th 2008 - January 28th 2008 Stalins attack on...

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January 28 th 2008 Stalin’s attack on Eastern Europe was in response to the Marshall Plan. 1947- United States decided to reindustrialize Germany – the secretary of state of the US stated that the restoration of Europe meant the restoration of Germany as well. The US became committed to restoring Germany however the USSR was not pleased. The US and its Allies unified their parts of Germany, funneled a lot of money into western Germany under the Marshall plan. That for Stalin was the ringing on of the betrayal of former agreements and a threat because the Soviet Union has no money and cannot compete. Stalin realizes that the USSR is not even a secondary power to the US but a tertiary power, but he knows that the Soviet Union does not have the money and could not afford to industrialize Eastern Germany and Europe, and hence seals it off from the rest of the world. China Revolution of 1911, Sun Yatsen temporarily takes over, and the Yuan Shikai takes over. Guomindang (GMD) led by Chang Kai Shek Chinese Communist Party (CCP) led by Mao Zedong 1916 Yuan Shikai Dies Collapse of central government, emergence of regionally based military administrations, the “warlords” During World War 1, the European colonial powers, busy fighting each other, decreased their presence in China. Mean while, Japan wanted to step in to replace the Europeans. Japan, especially wanted to gain control over the German concessions in Shandong province. Invested more heavily in Manchuria and made deals with the warlord there Sun Yat Sen moved to Canton area after handing presidency to Yuan Shikai There he built up the Guomindang (GMD) it ran the government around Canton and the neighboring area of Guangxi Canton businessmen helped fund the GMD SYS allied with the USSR in 1923 since no foreign aid was available from any other
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January 28th 2008 - January 28th 2008 Stalins attack on...

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