January 30th 2008

January 30th 2008 - January 30th 2008 Chinas civil war...

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January 30 th 2008 China’s civil war After the Japanese surrendered and left China, US policymakers were of two minds about the Chinese Nationalists The US wanted to continue financing the GMD to prevent the Chinese communists from taking power But, the US saw the GMD as hopelessly corrupt. US policy was to insist that the GMD reform itself and use its existing funds rather than depend on a lot more US aid. This posed a dilemma for the US policy makers should they allow the Communists to win in China? More aid was provided but not as much as the GMD wanted, and not enough to keep the GMD in power. The Truman administration officials decided in 1947-48, as the communists were winning on the battlefield, that they would allow the GMD to go down to defeat. They believed that more money could not turn the GMD into an effective fighting force. They were worried that if they committed the US completely to the GMD, they would wind up sending US soldiers to China to fight the communists. Their priorities were Western Europe and Japan. They didn’t want China to be a big drain on the US budget. Also, the Truman administration policymakers saw that Stalin was not b backing the Chinese communists. They thought there was a possibility that Mao would be like Tito – and
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January 30th 2008 - January 30th 2008 Chinas civil war...

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