March 17th 2008 - March 17th 2008 The Nigerians havent seen...

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March 17 th 2008 The Nigerians haven’t seen the profit of the oil in the Niger delta- they get shot by police when they protest; Ken Sara Wiwa gets hung for peaceful protests. Hence the rise of characters mob and militia rule. The Shah came to power because he was put in power by the US in 1953 when they over throw Mossadegh. The Shah established a government that was built on oil wealth, and his reign lasted up until 1979. The economy of Iran changed very rapidly and of course in any kind of over throw in this manner (the over throw of a very powerful man and a man who had a lot of money, a lot of troops, a lot of military equipment and the backing of the United States). However, people are unsatisfied with him, there are demonstrations every day to the point that the military refuses to attack the society which protests him. How was he over thrown? The Shah had established a government that was based on pre-Islamic kings. Based on Iranian (Persian) kingdoms; he revived the all important sense of the king. He built an army that he used for regime maintenance- it wasn’t used to fight other countries but to keep the Shah in power, the most important branch being SAVAK- acronym for the secret police responsible for disappearances, the arresting of political prisoners, killings, etc. They were heavily funded and trained by the US and CIA. The US ignored all the human rights problems, lack of democracy and the economic and military aid going to the Shah. The US had both Saudi Arabia and Iranian oil production as a kind of leverage in which it could manipulate world prices of oil. One of the reasons why there was a lot of discontent with the Shah was the nature of the economic growth; a high concentration of the wealth is in the hands of few, while most of the population lived in
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March 17th 2008 - March 17th 2008 The Nigerians havent seen...

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