March 19th 2008 - March 19th 2008 Iranian revolution -1979...

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March 19 th 2008 Iranian revolution -1979 1980- Iraq attacks Iran in order to overthrow the new government, with a lot of aid from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (also want to see the overthrow the new government in Iran). Other states in the Middle East see this government as a threat to their own government. US Policy in the 1980’s United States on the one hand is providing aid to a government like Iraq, but it is also giving a lot of aid to guerilla forces around the world. Iran-Iraq War 1980-1988 US wanted both sides to knock each other out, but tilted towards Iraq. Bottom line: Don’t allow Iraq to lose US provided Iraq supplies for chemical weapons (joke that when GWB was going into the Iraq War, the US still had the receipts), satellite photos and economic aid. Iraq used chemical weapons against Iran multiple times, and the US did not say a word concerning this. However, the US also covertly armed Iran; Iran-Contra affair 1986: Reagan White House sold 4,000 guided missiles to Iran; money from the sale to be used for the Nicaraguan Contras. (Within the Reagan Whitehouse, Oliver North was head of this). Pentagon had cut off aid to the Contras, so the Whitehouse needed money for aid; they were active in drug trade for revenue, and they also sold Iran weapon’s to provide money for the contras. It armed both sides of the war. Tanker war began 1984 in Persian Gulf; 536 ships attacked in four years. This led to a lot of oil spills, a lot of fires; it also led to serious worries in the United States over security of oil shipping in the area. US sent warships to the Persian Gulf in 1987 to escort Kuwaiti tankers; A US warship shot down an Iranian civilian aircraft with 290 people on board, July 3, 1988. Two Weeks later, Iran accepted a truce with Iraq. This is because Khomeini was afraid that if the war
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March 19th 2008 - March 19th 2008 Iranian revolution -1979...

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