April 1st 2008 - April 1st 2008 Democracy in a Global...

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April 1 st 2008 Democracy in a Global Context I There are major limits to looking solely in the nation state, because there is a lot that has occurred between nation states that is significant to human and universal right. I. Introduction We see rights emerging, the creation of what we call the West. A very Brief History of Rights in the West: - Emergence in 17 th Century Britain (Hobbes, Locke) with the rise of early modern state; a set of unchanging rights that belong to the individual - Articulated in British, French and American Revolutions - Demands for social and economic rights in the 19 th century – rights don’t get very far for certain social and economic groups, and we see the emergence of socialism and liberalism in the 20 th century (positive rights) - International rights in the 20 th century Universal Rights Today: - Rights: unchanging presuppositions that guarantee minimum conditions of freedom and equality for all persons. Rights, unlike statutes (laws), are generally not subject to change by a simple majority. Changes in rights require much stronger popular support and happen rarely - Universal: applicable in all contexts without regard to rime or place. These rights hold without regard to context; these rights are so basic that there is no concept
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April 1st 2008 - April 1st 2008 Democracy in a Global...

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