April 3rd 2008

April 3rd 2008 - April 3rd 2008 Global Democracy II I...

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April 3 rd 2008 Global Democracy II I. Introduction Self determination becomes extremely important in the post-colonial world. The importance of human rights also increases in the context of justice. The conflict that rises between democracy and rights does not only rise between people and governments, or nation states amongst themselves, but problems also rise from minority groups, women, children, stateless people, etc., that are not equally represented in the political arena. II. Mohanty: the Challenge of Transnational Politics Mohanty reminds us that how much are we able to apply universal rights in areas where political problems transcend borders. She pushes to consider not only political actors like states but economic actors such as MNC’s. We constantly see consistent inequality amongst certain groups; Women, minority groups that are constantly marginalized. Mohanty wants to argue that the answer does not lie in a single universal standard; she wants us to take us seriously the forms of power and lack of power that we don’t find in our world today. Why is it not useful to generalize standards? Mohanty argues to do that it doesn’t actually work very well; its not just a problem that it is not right to use a western standard, if we want to have more effective political action, we have to deal with the issues on the ground and not generalize them. Chandra Mohanty:
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April 3rd 2008 - April 3rd 2008 Global Democracy II I...

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