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November 5th 2007

November 5th 2007 - November 5th 2007 Decline of the...

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November 5 th 2007 Decline of the Qing (Chi’ing) Empire: Manchu- the ethnic elite within the Qing Empire. They are a central-Asian group; they have a lot in common with other central Asian groups, such as the Mongol’s. Their religion was similar to Tibetan Buddhism. There was ethnic apartheid between this ethnic group and the rest of the Chinese. They were able to come in to China because of their martial power; they placed a lot of emphasis on it. They replaced the Ming Dynasty. The empire begins in 1644 and ends in 1911. The Manchu’s were infamous for their bureaucracy and their exams that created the “mandarin” elite by taking the exams. 3 level of exams: - (1.5 % passed) - Provincial (half of the 1.5% passed) - National (half of the half of the 1.5% passed) This was designed to choose the best of the brightest to be the rulers known as the mandarin. Within the Confucius system, merchants were the bottom of the society. It is the bureaucrats that cultivate their moral character through their education.
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