November 14th 2007

November 14th 2007 - November 14 th 2007 1911 Establishment...

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Unformatted text preview: November 14 th 2007 1911- Establishment of the Chinese Republic. Sun Yat-sen and his three principals (in notes). His death in 1925 creates a power struggle amongst the left wing of the GMD and the right wing. GMD – Nationalist Party of China. The Left-wing is headed by Wang Jingwei; he becomes the chairman of the GMD after Sun Yat-sen. The Right-wing is headed by Chiang Kai-Shek (also the head of the army) eventually becomes head of the GMD. Warlord period- Starts at with the death of Shikai in 1916-1927 when Kai-Shek takes over. The warlord period witnessed fruitfulness in some areas and major disasters in others. The GMD had a very limited base in southern china, and Chiang Kai-Shek believes that with his army he could easily dismantle the warlord’s in what is known was the Northern Expedition 1927. Because the Warlord provinces where weak within themselves many of them dismantled willingly to Shek’s armies. 1924- 1 st united front: the unification of the Chinese Communist Party and the GMD by Sun Yat-sen. This united front was used to fight the warlords. The April 12 th incident- Shek takes advantage of the death of foreigners and blames it on the CCP and slowly purges the communist members out of the GMD. Chiang Kai Shek establishes a capital in Nanjing; hence 1927-1937 was named as the Nanjing Decade. He wanted to establish himself outside of Beijing as it dissociates himself from foreign Manchurian rule....
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November 14th 2007 - November 14 th 2007 1911 Establishment...

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