November 19th 2007 - November 19th 2007 Meiji Restoration:...

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November 19 th 2007 Meiji Restoration: Sino-Japanese War 1894-1895 Russian- Japanese War 1904-1905 Invasion of Manchuria 1931 Invasion of Eastern China 1937 Invasion of Southeast Asia December 1941 Japan was a late industrializing power (other late industrializing powers include Germany, Russia, and the USA). Japan’s the only case that came outside of Europe, it was very rapid. The Government of Japan was overthrown in 1868. Warriors overthrew the dynasty in Japan (The Samurai Warriors) and centered the government on the Emperor. The new state went by the slogan – Rich Country, Strong Army. A central government with a centralized standing army, no war lords would be allowed. Tokyo would be the new army. Emperor Meiji is not named emperor until 1877, however all actions are done in his name. A cult was made centered around the emperor; he was divine, descendant from the sun god, all the subjects must be loyal to him, all subjects where related to him (all descendants of the sun god). Political leaders where determined in making Japan a modern state so it does not become a colony; the US sent a steamboat ship to Tokyo Bay in 1853 “gunboat diplomacy”. The State in the 1870’s decided to tax the country side; transferring wealth from the country to use the money to build up new factories and ports. State led industrialization. Japans long known artisan- Japan wanted to industrialize its craftsmanship. By 1890’s, 40% of Boys and 10% of girls are in school. At the time of the Meiji restoration, Japan had 34 million people. Agriculture was already efficient.
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November 19th 2007 - November 19th 2007 Meiji Restoration:...

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