November 26th 2007

November 26th 2007 - November 26th 2007 National Socialist...

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November 26 th 2007 National Socialist German Workers Party Reichstag Fire Enabling Act Night of the Long Knives Munich Agreement, September 1938 Invasion of Czechoslovakia, May 1939 Invasion of Poland, September 1939 Invasion of Netherlands, Belgium and France, May 1940 Nazis founded in 1920 after WWI. Nazi is the short hand form for National Socialist German Workers Party. Many of the early members were people who had fought in the war, and some of them were still active duty soldiers. Ernest Rohm; Hitler’s ally in early years. The Nazi’s are an extremist organization. The SA (Storm Troopers) claim to be the best German patriots; heavy drinking, drugs, partying, etc. Hitler and the Nazi’s were routinely getting into trouble with the police, but they were also routinely getting off. Attempted coups in 1922-1923 (Nazi’s kill police in Munich) but because of rightwing allies in the government the officials get them to serve for only a year. In 1927, the party received 2.6% of the vote. It was one of many right wing parties – strange ideas about the Aryan race, adopted the swastika as their symbol (it is significant in Hinduism). The depression does change things in Germany; unemployment increasing, banks collapsing, government slashing budgets. Elections in September 1930 the Nazi’s gain a large number of seats; 18% of the vote more than the communists did. It is at this point that the communists transform themselves into a party that’s taking itself seriously
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November 26th 2007 - November 26th 2007 National Socialist...

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