November 28th 2007

November 28th 2007 - November 28th 2007 1940-mid 1941...

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November 28 th 2007 1940-mid 1941 Germany is basically in control of Europe. The only country that is not under German or German ally control is Britain. Spain, Portugal are both Fascist governments that are pretty much allied with Germany, South of France is under German control. Yugoslavia and Greece surrendered in April 1941 – Italy and Germany were in Greece. The only forces against the German Empire are Britain on one side, and the Soviet Union on the other. Both are great powers, however still remain un-united. The threat from Britain isn’t that much; after Britain declares war on Germany in September 1939 (After Germany invades Poland). They bomb Germany- industrial plants, taking over oil facilities. They don’t create a big dent in Germany’s industrial production in the period of 1940-41. There isn’t much of threat to Germany; at this point there is a very big possibility that Germany is going to control Europe in the future. Germany had already signed a non- aggression act with the Soviet Union in August of 1939. This is, as Mazower puts it a great opportunity for Germany. He also calls it a lost opportunity. Why was it lost? Germany lost the opportunity to create a united Europe under German control because it was so chauvinist in its policies, so vicious to anyone who was non –German; all these countries like France, Belgium, The Netherlands, Yugoslavia, Austria, etc. There are many people in these countries that were willing to collaborate with Germany (they thought that they could get something out of the deal). These were conservatives who did not like existing governments, no longer believed in
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November 28th 2007 - November 28th 2007 1940-mid 1941...

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