October 22nd 2007

October 22nd 2007 - October 22nd 2007 Left and Right: what...

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October 22 nd 2007 Left and Right: what do they mean, and how do we understand them? WWI brought the Masses into politics; it created a category of the masses that after the war all political tendencies had to do somehow with this category of “the masses”. The government itself had to do something about the people and the masses. Left: Bolshevik supports the spirit of the Russian revolution. Social democracy, socialism, liberalism, more government involvement, public services, prioritizing social good over private good, union powers protected, workers power, empowerment of workers, Right: libertinism, capitalistic, fascism, conservatives, prioritizing private benefits over social benefits, (the antithesis of leftisim). Center: liberalism [was thought of 19 th century connotations- The government is best when the government is least]. Individuals have an individual autonomy that the state was there not to do things. Stood largely on the model of Britain in the 19 th century: Representative democracy Political equality (not necessarily economic) – not the governments job to create economic equality, that was left for the market Individual rights Bolsheviks are somewhat responding in liberalism, but a purer form of liberalism. They believe in representative democracy, individual rights, political AND economic equality. Lefts: Communists (commies) Socialists: social democrats did not want to get rid of bourgeois democracy, so long as it translated into social democracy (socialism). (All though they are both leftists, there is a strong distinction between them). Anarchists could have possibly been placed under leftists; however they were not too significant in European history other than the Spanish civil war. Rights:
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October 22nd 2007 - October 22nd 2007 Left and Right: what...

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