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October 29th 2007

October 29th 2007 - October 29th 2007 The Nazis and Art...

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October 29 th 2007 The Nazi’s and Art: This includes Books, painting, films, poetry, and architecture. There was no part of the culture that remained uninfluenced from it. Triumph of Will: The film is about the rally of Nuremberg of September 1934. After Hitler’s acquisition of power in January of 1933, the Nazi party began to hold annual rally’s in Nuremberg. In September 1934 (a few months after Hitler had purged his storm troopers [the brown shirts, SA], under the leadership of Ernst Rohm); it was meant to show his authority over his own thugs. The brown shirts had been first established in 1921, and Rohm was with Hitler in 1920. What happened in 1934 Hitler decides to “whack” him. Why? The night of the long knives – Hitler (June 30 th , 1934) organized the purge of Rohm and the other leaders of the SA. Hitler did this for a couple of reasons: 1. Worried over Rohm’s power and autonomy of the SA – he was calling for a second revolution after Hitler’s revolution. Rohm took socialism more seriously, and wanted German forces to be taken over the SA.
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