October 31st 2007

October 31st 2007 - October 31st 2007 Nazi Art...

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October 31 st 2007 Nazi Art: - Preoccupation with the body. There was a tension between male comrades and glorification of the eroticism of the male body and then the persecution of homosexuals when in power. Socialist art: - Karl Marx ideas on art: he didn’t think there was much about socialist art, etc. But he was more concerned in people’s ability to produce art; some time during the day to be creative, not working all the time. - 19 th century art had general motifs of showing repression or any socialist ideas. Focus on feminine figure; beauty. Socialist slogans can make there way in; a call to resistance to industrial owners. - Dadaists appeared: they came as protest after WWI – paintings that simply didn’t make sense to reflect a world that did not make sense; it is not possible to demand for art to make sense if the world is chaotic. Dadaists were not exactly socialists, but they were not creating art that would please the bourgeoisie. -
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