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Physics 2005 Final Exam - McGill University PHYS...

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Phys 101 Final, Dec12 th , 2005 Page 1 McGill University PHYS 101 (Introduction to Mechanics for the Life Sciences) FINAL EXAM December 12, 2005 14:00 – 17:00 Examiner: K.J. Ragan Associate Examiner: D.S. Hanna ____________________________________________________ The exam comprises two parts on five pages: 8 short answer questions, and 6 problems. A formula sheet is attached to the back of the exam. Simple non-graphing calculators are allowed. No books or notes of any kind are allowed. Answer all the short answer questions with a few words or a phrase ( no more, please!). For the problems, your grade will be calculated with the best five problems . Show your work. The short answer problems are worth two points each, and the problems are worth 10 points each. Put all answers in the answer booklets provided; you may keep this exam. Good luck !
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Short answer questions (answer all) : you should not need to do any calculations for these questions , and should answer in a few words, a short phrase, or a simple sketch. 1) [2 pts] Two objects move down an inclined plane: a block slides down without friction, and a sphere rolls down without slipping. Which arrives first? (No calculations are necessary). 2) [2 pts] A transverse wave on a string is described by the equation x=0.27 · sin(2 ! · 100 · t), where x is in meters and t is in seconds. What is: a) the amplitude of the wave; b) the frequency of the wave in Hz. 3) [2 pts] A child moves from the centre of a spinning merry-go-round towards the outer
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Physics 2005 Final Exam - McGill University PHYS...

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