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BMS 500 B M OLECULAR B IOLOGY AND G ENETICS S PRING 2010 Location and meeting times 9:00-10:00 AM CMS 1 ST FLOOR CONFERENCE ROOM , MWF Course Description This course will provide in depth detail of essential cellular processes at the molecular level by using examples from the current literature. Topics to be covered are: regulation, both transcriptional and translational, RNA interference and microRNAs, DNA replication and repair, genetic recombination, transposition, and protein turnover. In addition, students will be introduced to developmental and mammalian genetics. An outline is presented below. Objectives Students will attain familiarity with basic concepts and some advanced material relevant to the topics to be covered (see Course Description). At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to understand and critique data from experiments in the relevant areas, and will be graded using exams that test their retention of basic material and their ability to apply it to real or simulated experimental data. Prerequisite BMS500 or equivalent; and BMS 504a or equivalent. Course Web Site Some lecture and reading material will be made available on the course web site, which is on SUNY Albany’s electronic reserves . Click on “electronic reserves course index’. Choose the Department (Biomedical Sciences) or the faculty (Conklin) and then click on BMS500B. Office hours M-F, 9-5; meetings should be arranged with individual instructors, as this is a team-taught course. Grading scheme A-E; three non-cumulative exams of equal weight. Course requirements Readings from the scientific literature will be assigned by individual instructors. Exams will be given on February 19
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