BMS555 - Spring 2009 BMS 555 Biodefense Sciences 12:30-1:30...

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Spring 2009 BMS 555 Biodefense Sciences 12:30 -1:30 Mondays (1 Credit) Dr. Christina Egan (BMS) Course Director
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Course Policies Justification: With the deterioration of public health infrastructure over the previous 20 years and the bioterrorism events of 2001, preparedness for emerging infections and outbreaks, whether natural or precipitated by terrorists, was found to be severely lacking throughout the country. Additional training in rare but potentially disastrous diseases (e.g., smallpox, pandemic flu, aerosolized anthrax) and advanced diagnostic testing and surveillance is warranted to prepare future healthcare workers, first responders, and laboratorians in the basic principals of Biosafety and Biosecurity. Purpose/Learning Objectives: The objective of this course is public health education; a comprehensive understanding of the history, impact, issues, and future directions associated with biologic threats to human, animal, and plant health. Students should gain an understanding and appreciation for issues impacting Biodefense: these include knowing which pathogens can be used as weapons, the theory behind lab and field techniques used for detection of these pathogens, working with federally regulated pathogens, public health preparedness and response to a bioterrorist event, and most importantly, how the public can be educated about and prepare for bioterrorism. This course will provide a framework and understanding of one of the fastest
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BMS555 - Spring 2009 BMS 555 Biodefense Sciences 12:30-1:30...

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