BMS610 - Course Syllabus for BMS610: Microbial Pathogenesis...

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Course Syllabus for BMS610: Microbial Pathogenesis Course Directors : Kathleen McDonough (office: DAI 4112; ph: 486-4253, email: Nicholas Mantis (office: DAI 4100; ph:473-7487, email: Division of Infectious Diseases, Wadsworth Center & Department of Biomedical Sciences, School of Public Health, UAlbany. Office hours per arrangement. Course Description and Overview: The objective of the course is to provide students with a background in the mechanisms of microbial pathogenesis and an appreciation of the continuing and serious impact of infectious disease on modern life. Students will learn basic principles of host-parasite interactions and how human behavior has influenced both the resurgence of old diseases and the emergence of new ones. Intervention strategies, including vaccination and drug therapy, will be discussed, and reasons for the successes and failures of these approaches will be considered for individual cases. Finally, paradigms of host- parasite interactions will be illustrated by studying, at the molecular and cellular levels, specific infectious diseases and the agents that cause them. Learning Objectives: Successful completion of this course should enable students to: Dem onstrate broad knowledge of the cellular and molecular bases of host pathogen interactions; Identify the major factors that lead to the emergence of new pathogenic agents, and how human behavior plays a role; Describe the principal mechanisms by whic
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BMS610 - Course Syllabus for BMS610: Microbial Pathogenesis...

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