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BMS 666: Contemporary Topics in Immunology Syllabus Course Director: Gary Winslow Course Description: An advanced course designed to explore central questions and concepts in immunology through readings and discussion of the current scientific literature. One to four topics of special interest will be selected and reviewed per semester. Participants will be involved in the selection and presentation of papers from the literature. Prerequisite: BMS 514 or equivalent, with permission of the course director. Location and meeting times: Fridays 8-9 AM, CMS 5 th floor conference room. Competencies Demonstrate an ability to critically evaluate published papers from the current literature
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Unformatted text preview: • Demonstrate oral communication skills • Apply fundamental concepts in the biomedical sciences to public health issues, in particular, in the detection, treatment and prevention of disease. Course Requirements: Each student will be required to present and lead a discussion of at least one paper from the current literature. Course Grading: Satisfactory-Unsatisfactory, based on oral presentations and discussion. Participating Faculty: Gary Winslow [email protected] ; DAI 5082; 473-2795; 9-5 M-F Donal Murphy [email protected] ; ESP C235; 474-0317; 9-11 M-F Jeff Kennedy [email protected] ; ESP C606; 473-8421; 3-5 T/Th...
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