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SPRING 2011 COURSE ANNOUNCEMENT BMS 894: Essentials of Stem Cell Biology (3 credits) Course Description: Therapeutic use of Human Stem Cells and their derivatives have raised great expectations for preventative and curative medicine while at the same time bringing to the fore, highly explosive issues dealing not only with biomedicine but also ethics, religion, politics, legal and social issues, etc. It is essential that every practitioner of any form of public health understand the benefits of such treatments as well as the potential risks and moral discomfiture people have with the use of this technology. Therefore, this course is one of great importance to the education of all Healthcare professionals. This is a course primarily designed for advanced students who have had courses in molecular and/or developmental biology (preferably both) and an interest in what may well prove to be the most beneficial breakthrough in the history of medicine.
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Unformatted text preview: Given the complexity of the subject, the course will be taught as an overview with sections on the history of stem cell studies (primarily from the mouse), organ systems that are most likely to benefit from therapeutic applications of stem cells and current practices. We will also briefly cover the Ethical, Political, Religious, Legal and Social ramifications and conflicts that have risen regarding Stem Cell technology and medical use. Class Number: 9921 Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays Time: 1:00 to 2:20 pm. Location: Room C5, George Education Building, School of Public Health, East Campus Instructor: Dr. Paulette McCormick Should you have need for further clarification regarding this course, please do not hesitate to email Dr. McCormick at . For registration information, contact Caitlin Reid at
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