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BMS 502: Macromolecular Structure & Function Schedule for Fall 2010 9 am – 11 am, David Axelrod Institute, Room 1041 Day Date Session Topic Professor Wed 1 Sept 1 Introduction & Overview Pata Fri 3 Sept 2 General Properties of Molecules Pata Mon 6 Sept Labor Day Module 1: Wed 8 Sept 3 Macromolecular Structure I Pata Fri 10 Sept Rosh Hashanah Break Wed 15 Sept 4 Macromolecular Structure II Pata Fri 17 Sept 5 Macromolecular Structure III Pata Module 2 Wed 22 Sept 6 Macromolecular Function I Pata Fri 24 Sept 7 Macromolecular Function II Pata Wed 29 Sept 8 Macromolecular Function III Pata Fri 1 Oct Exam Module 3 Wed 6 Oct 9 Quantitative Methods I Laederach Fri 8 Oct 10 Quantitative Methods II Laederach Mon 11 Oct Columbus Day (Exam in BMS 500) Module 4 Wed 13 Oct 11 Proteins & Protein Assemblies I Banavali Fri 15 Oct 12 Proteins & Protein Assemblies II Banavali Wed 20 Oct 13 Proteins & Protein Assemblies III Banavali Fri 22 Oct 14 Proteins & Protein Assemblies IV Banavali Exam and/or Project Due Module 5 Wed 27 Oct 15 Proteins & Nucleic Acids I Jaeger Fri 29 Oct 16 Proteins & Nucleic Acids II Jaeger Wed 3 Nov 17 Proteins & Nucleic Acids III Jaeger Fri 5 Nov 18 Proteins & Nucleic Acids IV Jaeger Exam and/or Project Due Module 6 Wed 10 Nov 19 Proteins & Membranes I Wagenknecht Fri 12 Nov 20 Proteins & Membranes II Wagenknecht Wed 17 Nov 21 Proteins & Membranes III Wagenknecht Fri 19 Nov 22 Proteins & Membranes IV Wagenknecht Exam and/or Project Due Wed 24 Nov Thanksgiving Break Fri 26 Nov Thanksgiving Break Module 7 Wed 1 Dec 23 Pathways & Regulation I Tenniswood Fri 3 Dec 24 Pathways & Regulation II Tenniswood Wed 8 Dec 25 Pathways & Regulation III Tenniswood Fri 10 Dec 26 Pathways & Regulation IV Tenniswood Exam and/or Project Due Page 1 of 7
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SYLLABUS BMS 502: Macromolecular Structure & Function 4 credits SYNOPSIS This course presents an integrated approach to investigating the structure and function of biological macromolecules. The course is primarily intended for students who are undertaking graduate-level research in the biomedical sciences, and is designed to bridge the gap that frequently exists between classroom lectures and laboratory research. COURSE DESCRIPTION The first two modules of the course cover the fundamental aspects of macromolecular structure and function, while the third module introduces students to quantitative methods for data analysis and computational modeling. The next three modules focus on three major types of macromolecular interactions (protein-protein, protein-nucleic acid, and protein-membrane) and the distinctive aspects of each type of interaction. The final module build on all the earlier modules to show how the major constituents of cells function together in pathways and how those pathways can be regulated. Topics for in-depth study in each module will be determined by the instructor, and may change
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BMS_502 - BMS 502 Macromolecular Structure Function...

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