L1a-skeletal - CH223 This lectures objectives: Kay...

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1 1 O O O H H O H OH CH223 Kay Sandberg, Ph.D. 2 This lecture’s objectives: ©Dr. Kay Sandberg 1) Review CH101, CH221 basic concepts 2) Introduce arenes & aromaticity Please note that if the slide content and audio go by too fast you can click the back button and hear the slide again. You can also skip a slide if you want by clicking the forward button. If you want to pause, click the pause button at the top. 3 ©Dr. Kay Sandberg Get started on the right foot! Strategy for success Understanding lecture work Understanding homework Understanding exams Understanding organic chemistry 4 CH101 review Reactions: Understand species in nature tend to react to lower the system’s free energy: Sandberg’s analogy: E increasing E = increasing discomfort ©Dr. Kay Sandberg Higher E reactants Highest E transition state Lower E products relatively high energy species C C O 5 CH101 review Reactions: Understand Coulomb’s Law: Oppositely charged species are attracted to each other. ©Dr. Kay Sandberg Find the negative, find the positive, The SECRET!!!!! and let the negative “grab” the positive (and conversely, species of like charge are repelled.) 6 ©Dr. Kay Sandberg Secret of your success in CH223 Find the negative charge carrier Find the
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L1a-skeletal - CH223 This lectures objectives: Kay...

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